Remortgaging is a crucial part of the mortgage process

Remortgaging is often overlooked by many other mortgage brokers

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Stisi Group has an excellent remortgage process that puts you back in control of your mortgage, offering great mortgage rates

Remortgages are often stimulated by life changes or changes in circumstances. We can help you to clear some debts freeing up funds for you to enjoy life.

Perhaps you would rather have more money each month than paying toward your mortgage that is unnecessarily high in rate or you may want funds to improve your property.

There are many reasons for raising funds on your mortgage. We will help you get the best mortgage rates available from our range of more than 12,000 mortgage products.

After our initial assessment, we can advise you of the available rates for you by getting an understanding of your circumstances and checking the market for you there and then.

Perhaps you are paying a high variable rate? If so, we always recommend you call to check how much you can save as this can often be hundreds, if not potentially thousands of pounds per year.

At Stisi Group, we contact you well in advance of your current mortgage expiring to advise you of the best rates available from our range of mortgage products.

This means you will NEVER pay more for your mortgage than you should. We deal with clients who have existing mortgages through their previous broker who were given a good initial rate with but then have been placed on to the lenders standard variable rate.

This means that typically your mortgage will go up in cost and without help to get this back on track, many clients only realise they are paying a higher rate later; potentially years down the line.

That’s where we help by keeping you well up to date on your mortgage and by providing the initial advice.

We also offer a free ongoing mortgage health check throughout the time of your initial rate. Rate too high? Give us a try!

The 3 Remortgage Options


Improve your current deal
Great mortgage rates at the Stisi Group for remortgages
We always stay on the cutting edge of digital technology, so that we maintain our competitive advantage sourcing from over 90 lenders.

Millions of people remortgage every year simply just to get a better interest and mortgage rates. Did you know you could pay £25,000 less over 25 years just by saving 1% on your interest rate using an example of £150,000 mortgage?


Home improvements
Great mortgage rates at the Stisi Group for remortgages
Technology is becoming a very large part of how mortgages are sourced and this is why we are always investing in the very latest sourcing and lender criteria technology.

Whether it’s a new en-suite toilet or a full top to bottom renovation, we can advise you on funding your home improvements. This can sometimes be with your existing mortgage provider or even taking you to a complete new lender. The technology and industry knowledge we have will allow us to show you very quickly, how to brings your dreams into reality.


Debt consolidation
Great mortgage rates at the Stisi Group for remortgages
We constantly look at new ways of integrating technology into how we find and source thousands of mortgages.

Perhaps you are looking for 1 single payment or perhaps personal circumstances have meant the inevitable running up of credit cards and loans. Either way, our advisers will ensure we look at all of your debts and see if consolidating those debts into your mortgage will work out a more suitable option. Don’t worry, we can help with some breathing space and even talking it out with us may help alleviate some pressure.

Remortgage Options

Improve your current deal

Home improvements

Debt consolidation

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
There may be a fee for mortgage advice. The actual amount you pay will depend upon your circumstances. The fee is up to 1% but a typical fee is 0.3% of the amount borrowed.
You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage.