VIDEO – Stisi Group’s message of hope

Message of hope and thanks

From our family, to yours – this is our message of hope.

Please take a minute to watch this beautiful message of hope and thanks, created by Stisi Group Directors, Ross and Emma.

The COVID-19 pandemic is like nothing we’ve experienced before in our lifetime – and while we may be in different boats, we’re all in this storm together. As a small family business we are aware of just how hard-hitting the effects of the current UK lockdown are. From the spread of the virus to our loved ones to the collapse in business and industry, there’s real reason for us to feel anxious, stressed or depressed. Ross and Emma wanted to share a message of hope for all of us, to help us through these times.

Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end

Ross firmly believes that everything in life has a beginning, a middle and an end. The start of the UK lockdown on 23rd March was the start of a new way of living for us. For many, it has been difficult to adjust. But, we will get through this, and it will end.

Please follow the guidelines set out by the UK and Scottish Governments, and stay at home. But, please also do your best to stay connected – to your family, your friends and colleagues. To all those who are key workers – in the NHS, carers, retail staff, farmers, refuse collectors, factory workers, posties, utility providers, and all the rest of you – a sincere thank you. You are all our heroes.

Ross said: “Having witnessed the decimation caused by COVID-19, day in and day out, I felt like I was part of history in the making. I wanted to document it from our family’s point of view. Having also seen on a daily basis the effect this was having on us human beings and our minds,  I wanted to try and create something that would give people a sense of hope into the future.”

“I truly believe everything in life has a start, middle and an end and I hopefully conveyed this in the video. I want people to watch this video and come away from it with a different perspective, and that feel there is hope on the horizon for us. We won’t come through this without a lot of damage done. But, each day we are a day closer to returning to something more ‘normal’. This time will end, and then together we can begin to recover.”

Ross Stisi – Stisi Group Managing Director

It’s OK not to be OK

We have seen how mental health is being affected by the coronovirus pandemic. It’s an anxious time for all of us, and in particular for those who were already suffering poor mental health. Please remember that it’s OK not to feel OK. If you need to talk to someone, there is help out there:

Stay safe and stay well – with love from our family to yours.

Ross and Team Stisi