Stisi Group’s Bearded Broker is a podcast star!

Stisi Group's Bearded Broker is a podcast star

Not content with just appearing on your screens, MD Ross – the Bearded Broker – features in the next episode of The Local Business Podcast!

Sharing the Bearded Broker’s passion and vision

We are delighted that Stisi Group is being recognised as an exciting young business, and to be able to share MD Ross Stisi‘s passion and vision. Ross – our very own Bearded Broker – joined the podcast team to chat about his journey, the creation of Stisi Group, and our unique Client Obsession Programme, which sets us apart from the crowd.

The Local Business Podcast

The Local Business Podcast is connected to the Thomson Local Business Directory; it aims to discover local business tips, insight, knowledge and expertise from business owners who have “been there and done it”.

The podcast team visit businesses all over the UK, and Stisi Group is in some fine company. Recent podcast episodes have featured Edinburgh Bike Fitting, The Animation Guys (London), Bluefish Financial (Bristol) and SME Live (Midlands), to name but a few.

Recognising the achievements of the Bearded Broker and Team Stisi

We were very excited when the team behind the Local Business Podcast approached Ross – they wanted to create a show that could give advice to people starting their own business, as well as to those who are more experienced and looking for a fresh approach. It’s a fantastic mark of the achievements realised by Bearded Broker Ross and the Stisi Group team, and he was delighted to share his advice and tips on his successful business journey.

The episode will be live from Tuesday 14th May – check it out on any of the following:

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