VIDEO: Is now a good time to remortgage?

Mortgage interest rates are at an all time low – should you consider a new mortgage? Our Bearded Broker, Ross Stisi, is here to help.

Are you wondering – is now a good time to remortgage? This is something else we’re being asked a lot just now.

Stisi Group MD Ross has made a Two Minute Taster video in order to give you some points about switching to a new deal. Is now a good time to switch? Would it be a good finiancial decision? Watch and then make an informed decision:

“It doesn’t cost you a penny to have a look to see if it will be worthwhile.

Mortgage lenders have the cheapest rates available that I have ever seen”

Ross Stisi – Stisi Group Managing Director

Is now a good time to remortgage? Some key points

Interest rates are currently as low as they have ever been. They could well be the lowest we’ll ever see them.

Whether you’re on a fixed rate, tracker or variable rate mortgage, it is definitely worth having a look at the options currently available. Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to look. A financial adviser will be able to show you the deals on the market which would be right for you and your circumstances. With the current low interest rates, it’s likely you could move on to a better deal.

Coming to the end of a fixed rate period? If so, it absolutely makes sense to take advantage of the current low interest rates.

Locked into a fixed rate period for a while yet? In this case, there may be an early replayment charge if you change mortgage. However, given some of the deals to be had just now, it may still be worth finding out what’s on offer to you.

Take a look at our remortgaging blog for some real-life examples showing how savings can be made.

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