VIDEO: COVID-19 help – your questions answered

Your COVID-19 questions answered

Ross Stisi puts your questions about available COVID-19 help to expert Hamish Sheppard.

These are unprecedented times, and many of us have been asking questions about the COVID-19 help available. There’s a daily bombardment of news and updates with ever-changing information. As a result, it’s difficult to keep up to date with the help available to us.

So, our Bearded Broker and MD, Ross Stisi, gathered some of your recurring questions and hunted for some clear answers. In stepped trusted accountant Hamish Sheppard, of Crunchers Edinburgh, who kindly agreed to a virtual question and answer session.

During their discussion, Hamish and Ross cover a range of topics and situations. Watch now, as they talk everything from payment holidays, furloughing and delaying corporation tax to personal tax and lone working.

Do you have questions about COVID-19 help?

Hamish is happy to help if you’d like more information about any of these questions. Or, perhaps you’d like to ask a question of your own? If so, please get in touch with Hamish via the Crunchers Edinburgh website, Facebook or LinkedIn.

About Hamish

Hamish Sheppard is a qualified CIMA accountant with many years experience within industry. For the last five years he has been operating as a short term accountant and consultant, providing interim support to large businesses, and organisations like Siemens, Barclays, The Wood Group, Highland Spring, and the Scottish Government. This experience helps him to bring big business thinking to start-ups and small businesses in Edinburgh.

Crunchers and Hamish share a vision for the accounting profession, believing that small businesses deserve more from their accountant than accounts and tax return. Hamish shares Stisi Group’s passion for putting the client first, aiming to help improve the lives of business owners.